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Open the gateway to your future career in luxury hospitality with Fast Track USA.

This program is your ticket to the American hospitality industry, where ambition meets career opportunities. Elevate your career and CV with exclusive internships and traineeships in the United States, gain hands-on experience, expand your professional network, and soak up another culture.

Don't just dream of success—go after it!

Pricing of the program starts at 2,765 USD and increases depending on the length of your stay and the services included in the package. Financing options are available for the participants and should be discussed during the selection process.

Start by filling out this form, and let Fast Track USA be your golden ticket into the international hospitality arena.


Find the J-1 Visa Program that’s right for you: 

Student Internship

✔ You are currently enrolled in a minimum two-year hospitality related degree program

✔ Want to gain international experience before you even finish your studies

✔ Have a desire to learn about new cultures while developing your professional skills

Recent Graduate Internship

✔ You have graduated from a minimum two-year degree in a hospitality related field within the last 12 months

✔ Want to gain hands on experience in an exciting international destination and build a global network of industry contacts

Early Career Traineeship

✔ Have completed a degree in a hospitality related field more than a year ago

✔ Have been working in the hospitality industry for at least 12 months

✔ Want to challenge yourself to adapt to a new culture and boost your CV with hands on, international experience

Career Enhancement Traineeship

✔ You have at least five years of full-time work experience in the field

✔ Have a desire to see the other parts of the world while growing your career

✔ Want to experience the world-class luxury hospitality industry in the United States.


"I have learned many new things during my J-1 Training Program in Hana Maui Resort Hawaii. As a cook, I certainly need to know the basics of cooking, culinary fundamentals, kitchen operations, kitchen hygiene & sanitation. And I learned all of those things above here in Hana Maui Resort. And I also learned about teamwork in the kitchen because teamwork makes the dream work. Besides that, I got a lot of new experience in Hawaii, because Hawaii is known for their community. I got the chance to learn about beautiful Hawaiian culture, not to mention Hawaiian food is amazing!"

Anak Agung Narashima
J-1 Program in Hawaii

"My dream was to come to the US to work (or in this case get an internship) and thanks to ITN & Odyssey that dream came true! They are partners with many different hotels, offering all kinds of different positions, so there is something for everyone who is interested in the hospitality industry."

Katarina Satara
J-1 Program in Texas

I highly recommend this program for those who want to live a unique experience and to apply for an internship in the USA. This is the best experience I’ve had so far, currently completing my training in Maui, Hawaii, and this wouldn’t have been possible without ITN & Odyssey! They have a wide selection when it comes to their portfolio and I am pretty sure anybody could find the place that suits them perfectly for this J1 experience.

Bianca Bar
J-1 Program in Hawaii

"My experience with the program has been very wonderful! The host property where I am having my training itself advertises cultural diversity. I am training with so many different people with different cultures and races which is a ground for me to learn with them not only about training-related things. Not only this, but I got to experience things and activities for the first time here in the USA."

Mitze Cornelio
J-1 Program in Colorado

"This J-1 training offered a vast opportunity to grow my career. I have learned a lot at the St. Regis—from how to provide the best guest service in luxury to gaining great relationship with co-workers. Before we started our first day of work, they gave us a full intensive training for a week with Forbes, learning the sequence of service and tasting all foods and drinks in the menu including the allergens each food contained. Our managers and supervisors made sure we stay on top of our training, guiding and helping us throughout this journey. In this program, I have not only gained more experience and knowledge in my career, but also found new friends and family. Best part of this, St. Regis not only trained us and focused on our career-growth but also on our well-being by letting us experience various activities for free! Plus the double rainbow every after rain, IT'S MAGICAL!"

Jalleah Magbiray
J-1 Program in Colorado

J1-USA Placement Program by Hosco, powered by ITN and Odyssey

Welcome to your gateway to exclusive internship and traineeship opportunities in the United States, specifically tailored for aspiring hospitality talent like you. Our expert guidance and extensive support allow you to dive into this once-in-a-lifetime cultural and professional journey with confidence.


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ITN & Odyssey International Exchange, headquartered in Beverly Hills, is a renowned cultural exchange organization. Designated by the U.S. Department of State, ITN & Odyssey facilitate internships and training programs in the U.S. for foreign students and young professionals through the J-1 Visa program. With over two decades of experience, they have a strong track record of promoting global cultural exchange and professional development in the hospitality industry.